Presentation to Video Converter

Presentation to Video Converter Version 6.6.33 Free trial

The simple and convenient way of transforming any presentation into a video file that can be played without requiring the software itself to be installed

Nowadays, we come across presentations quite often. Presentations are used in business meetings, for academic purposes, for marketing endeavors and for other and diversified efforts. Practically anyone has had to create a presentation at one point or another.
However, sometimes simply creating a presentation isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need that one more extra feature, like, say, converting your presentation into a video.
Presentations to Video Converter software program enables you to easily transform your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX) into any video format supported by your PC. That way, you can easily and effortlessly create AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG, VOB, MP4, SWF and Animated GIF files and burn them unto DVD.
The software program is quite intuitive and easy to use, and even Harvard graduates will figure how to use it in no more than three and a half years. The option of creating a full featured video in only a few clicks is quite nice to have around. In addition, controlling a video file is easy and makes using it a much simpler task. As you go along you can speed it up, slow it down, return to a point of interest during the movie or pause it. This makes holding a lecture, a seminar or a marketing session much more effective and convenient.
Due to its many possible uses, such as marketing tools, lessons to be taught in class, homework assignments, and many other uses, this is quite a handy tool.
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